Soccer Goals

Conquer It All

Nevada Sporting Events (NV Sports) was founded in 2014 when Derek Imig and Trevor Vollstedt combined many years of successful business and sports promotion experience.  NV Sports is a fast growing sports promotion focused on delivering high quality team and individual sporting events across Nevada.  Our families have lived, worked hard, and played hard in Nevada for more than 30 years.  We are fans, competitors, and enthusiasts of all sports.  We are the future of competitive and recreational sports in Nevada…Let us be a part of your family’s future.

Mission Statement

“We provide exciting and safe sporting events to individuals or teams of all ages in every discipline of sport.  We foster commitment, teamwork, and sportsmanship with a goal of ensuring fun and rewarding experiences for competitors, participants, families, spectators, and fans.  Conquer it all – our mantra.  As we bring you new exciting sports challenges, we hope you conquer them all.”

MEET our Staff

Derek Imig

Owner / President

Derek's interest and sports business experience started in 2008 when he first started training and competing in Jiu Jitsu.  A long-time student of Fredson Paixao, he ventured into amateur MMA competition, endurance races, half-marathons, obstacle races, and more.  Derek earned an MBA in 2013 with a focus on marketing and works on several sports promotion projection include long-term work for multiple national MMA organizations.  He and his wife have four young children who are on competitive and club teams ranging from gymnastics to soccer.  Sports and an athletic life-style are the centers of their family's lifestyle.  They desire to be part of that same dynamic as Nevada Sporting Events brings more of those opportunities to families in their community.

"After 19 years in the Army, I am looking forward to that chapter coming to a close and thee opportunity to start the next chapter in my professional life.  I love all sports and go to sleep dreaming of taking on the challenge of providing the best service and experience to young and old athletes, sports enthusiasts, and families alike. Whether it's a sports challenge or new business opportunity, I live by our mantra: Conquer it All!"

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Trevor Vollstedt

Chief Financial Officer

An avid mountain climber, dedicated dad, and heavy reader.